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If I could tell you just how much I like you, you'd probably be paralyzed in fright.
I didn't mean to scare you just then, but I know times are hard and the money is tight.

You can be where you want to be, but just tell me if you're calling me back. (Lean back.)
You can go where you want to go, just let me know if I can follow you home.

If I could be just what you want me to be, I probably would not change myself much.
You know I live to impress you, but frankly, the only thing I know I want is your touch.

Give it time, maybe it will pass, but chances are my heart is racing too fast to stop.
Just in case I don't get your embrace, I'll walk it off.

It's not like I'd break into your house. I wouldn't, ‘cause I don't want your grandma to get hurt.
If I could break into your heart, I might, but I'd take off my shoes first so I don't track in any dirt.

If I could tell you just how much I liked you, you'd do just what you did last Friday night.
Don't think I didn't know you didn't want me. When you said I was too good, you were right.

So you know, I'm better on my own. My band is stronger and my pockets are grown.
Don't get me wrong; I know it's all about this_ _.
But please don't call me until you're all grown up, Chris.


from For a New Deal, released July 11, 2012



all rights reserved


The Timid Roosevelts Trenton, New Jersey

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